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MaxAir IND61-3PH / IND73-3PH

This MaxAir IND61-3PH and IND73-3PH HVLS features 5 patented aluminum blades and powerful winglets that eliminates wind noise. The Lenze gearmotor are designed with helically cut gears for efficient, durable, and reliable operation. No oil replacement is needed as it is lubricated for life. The hub system components are machine cut for precise and uniform load distribution.

The MaxAir HVLS can be mounted either on metal I-beam or on concrete ceiling.


– 6.1m (20ft.) or 7.3m (24ft.) blade Ø
– 12,150 or 13,050 CMM air capacity
– 65 or 55 RPM
– 1.5 kW
– 380-440V 60Hz 3Ph
– IP 20 motor

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