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VDG Sense

Security isn’t just a matter of buying the right hardware. It is about using that hardware to its full potential. But how to make the most of what you have? VDG Sense is a state-of-the-art video management system (VMS) that consolidates your surveillance equipment into a single seamless solution, giving you the tools you need to act quickly and efficiently.

Integrated intelligence

The control room can be a very stressful environment. Fortunately, VDG Sense helps you keep a cool head. This intelligent video management system uses advanced algorithms to continuously analyse camera images for unusual occurrences and alert you within seconds of the type of incident and its location. VDG Sense’s video content analysis (VCA) capabilities range from perimeter intrusion detection (PID) to face, object and license plate recognition.

Quick as a flash

However, VDG Sense does much more than just sending out alerts. Its powerful macro engine automatically initiates a sequence of predefined actions whenever a critical event is detected. Incidents can trigger a recording, prompt a PTZ camera to move to a preset position or cause a surveillance stream to be maximized to full screen. This way, VDG Sense lets you focus on what matters most. So you get it right. Every single time.

Customize your interface

No two surveillance situations are alike. So why limit yourself to a few predefined settings? VDG Sense gives you greater control over your surveillance system than any other VMS. Want to add live or playback video to your home screen? Floor plans? Text labels? Event handling panels? Simply select, arrange and rearrange any number of elements and actions to create a fully personalized user interface that fits your needs.

Tired of vendor lock-in?

VDG Sense offers full integration with most third-party cameras and encoders, granting you the freedom to gradually migrate to an IP-only installation.

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