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Intelligent Thermal Camera

This is an intelligent thermal IP camera build in a rugged aluminium dye cast housing designed for use in harsh environments. Based on Siqura’s own video analytics, it is a fully integrated solution for (industrial) hot-spot detection, fire detection, monitoring flares stacks, coal piles, etc. This camera is fitted with a highly sensitive uncooled micro-bolometer. It detects temperature differences as small as 50 mK. It can spot heat sources invisible to the naked eye, such as burning butane, hot spots in mechanical equipment or smouldering coal piles. The thermal image can be shown in 10 different color pallets. The thermal imager is “plug-and-play” and configuration is made easy by its self-explaining web-interface.


– VGA Thermal IP camera
– Digital Thermal Imaging
– Built-in image analysis
–  Hot spot presence detection
–  Flare on/off monitoring
–  Flare too small/too large detection
–  Custom defined thermal graph
– Resolution 640×512
– Robust aluminium housing (IP66)
– ONVIF Profile S conformant

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