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TunnelCam Ultimo

The TunnelCam Ultimo is designed especially with the harsh environment of traffic tunnel applications in mind. However it can be used on the roadside as well of course, as a rugged fixed camera. It delivers high-quality, high-definition images. The remote zoom and focus lens guarantees the easiest installation and remote adjustment. Because of the included versatile mounting bracket, you will be able to position the camera in the exact horizontal and vertical angle needed for optimum view. The housing ships a nano glass window, thus avoiding the need for a fragile wiper.

Multi codec high definition

The TunnelCam Ultimo cameras have multiple stream capability for simultaneous streaming of one or more H.264, combined with MJPEG. In addition to this it has the option of streaming in different aspect ratios without scaling or transcoding. This way the interoperability with existing Traffic Center systems can be guaranteed without adding latency caused by transcoding. Multiple combinations of resolution and frame rate can be configured to satisfy different live viewing and recording scenarios. A separate model will become available that supports MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 as well.

Open standards

Because of the careful assembly and compliance to the open standards, the TunnelCam Ultimo will integrate in the most common Video Management Software right out of the box. Compliance to ONVIF Profile S ensures that the camera will be supported even if your software does not have a dedicated driver. On top of this, the HTTP API ensures ease of programming in case a dedicated software solution is required. This specifically enables the deployment in projects with custom requirements.

Backlight compensation and wide dynamic range

The TunnelCam Ultimo is designed to produce color pictures of the tunnel with adjustable white balance and hue, to adjust for the various lighting circumstances in the tunnel. Backlight compensation and great wide dynamic range functions enhance image visibility in difficult lighting situations. This ensures quality pictures even if vehicle headlights are seen in the picture.

Thermal and Hybrid models

Not only does the TunnelCam Ultimo allow you to install an optical camera; models are available that add thermal vision by means of high end thermal imager. You can choose from models featuring optical, thermal, or both.


Models are available to connect the camera to RJ45, or direct to fiber, or even directly on existing coax.

TunnelCam Ultimo camera features

– Corrosion free 316L stainless steel housing
– Small form factor allows for installation everywhere
– Hassle free optical zoom block with focus assist
– Nano coated window for optical sensor, avoids the need for a wiper
– Model available with high end thermal vision core with germanium window
– Dual vision from the same POV in one camera
– Ready for automatic traffic incident detection
– Optional MPEG-2/MPEG-4 codecs version (ask for product availability)

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