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UNY and UNF unions are used for joining conduit and connecting conduit to enclosures. Facilitates modifications, permits removal of enclosures without turning or removal of conduit. Expansion unions compensate for expansion and contraction of conduit.

– Explosion-proof, dust-ignition proof.
– Smooth, rounded integral bushing in each hub protects conductor insulation.
– Accurately tapped, tapered threads for tight, rigid joints and ground continuity.

Non-expansion unions
– Concentric ring interlocked design of 1/2”, 3/4” and 1” sizes makes possible smaller diameter, allowing use in tighter spaces. 1-1/4” and larger UNY sizes have removable male nipple.

Expansion unions
– One-piece design eliminates need for disassembly during installation.
– Telescoping cylinder within cylinder design permits expansion or contraction.
– Standard or long types available.
– Small external diameters—excellent in restricted areas in wiring of pumps, motors, and other equipment.
– Internal phosphor bronze “bonding jumper” ring assures positive ground between telescoping cylinders.
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