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Conduit Outlet Boxes
– Complies with a wide range of classified area requirements.
– Corrosion-resistant: ideal for indoors and outdoors.
– For pulling of wires.
– Connect conduit lengths and change direction of conduit runs.
– Provide access for maintenance.

– Malleable iron bodies have high tensile strength, ductility and provides great resistance to corrosion, impact, and shock.
– Accurately tapped, tapered hub threads for tight, rigid joints and ground continuity.
– Furnished with covers.
– General purpose wiring.
– Function as sealing fittings when used with sealing covers (see NEC for restrictions).
– Internally threaded body with externally threaded cover.
– Covers have pry notches for bar or wrench.
– Accommodate sealing, dome, hub and union hub covers, and canopies.
– Standard O-rings provide rain-tight fit. NEMA 3, 4.
– Internal ground screw standard.
– Smooth, rounded integral bushing in each hub type box protects conductor insulation.
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