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Circuit Breaker
Explosion-proof disconnect enclosures are used where hazardous materials are handled or stored. These units are used for overload and short circuit protection, control of lighting and power circuits.

– Precision machined flame path between box and cover.
– Bolt on stainless steel slotted mounting feet.
– Stainless steel hinges are standard.
– Stainless steel, captive Quad-Lead® cover bolts are standard (disengaged in 1-1/2 turns).
– Ground lug package and installation instructions for termination of ground wire enclosed.
– External operating handle with stops for limiting handle travel.
– Disconnects and operator shafts are stainless steel.
– Disconnects operators can be locked in the ON or OFF position (up to 3 padlocks).
– External flange maximizes internal space.
– Standard outlets top and bottom for line and load wiring.
– Plugged 1/2” outlets top and bottom for breather and drain.
– Disconnects mounted on a galvanized steel removable pan.
– O-ring gasket ensures watertight integrity.
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