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Cast Device Boxes
– Accommodate wiring devices such as switches and receptacles.
– Provide excellent service in areas where boxes are subject to rough usage.
– Serve as pull boxes for conductors.
– Permit access to conductors for maintenance.
– Provide openings for making splices.
– Allow connections for branch conduit runs.
– Blank bodies for special conduit entrance arrangements.

– Corrosion-resistant — ideal for indoor and outdoor installations.
– Weatherproof, rain-tight and dust-tight when used with cast gasketed covers.
– FS and FD boxes take standard flush wiring devices.
– FD boxes take devices exceeding 1.63 in / 41.4 mm in depth under fastening ears.
– Malleable iron for high tensile strength and ductility — provides greater resistance to impact and shock.
– Both malleable iron and aluminum boxes have ridge top construction for positive cover / gasket / box fit.
– Accurately tapped, tapered threads for tight, rigid joints, ground continuity.
– Complete selection of covers, receptacles, plugs, gaskets and accessories.
– Covers have captive stainless steel screws to speed installation,prevents loss of screws.
– Internal grounding screws standard.
– Available in single, two and three gang and tandem.
– Smooth, rounded integral bushing in each hub protects conductor insulation.
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