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Areamaster 250
Wattage: For 70W, 100W, 150W, 250W or 400W HPS;175, 250W pr 400W MH lamps.

– Compact in size, attractively styled contemporary design, rugged and dependable.
– Easy to install and service.
– A wide range of ballasts and voltages are available for both domestic and export applications.
– One-piece lens cover. Secured by four 1/4” Dia. captive stainless steel slotted hex-head bolts.
– Heavy duty, high temperature silicone rubber gasket, firmly seated.
– Heavy duty mogul-base porcelain socket with heavy gauge brass, nickel-plated, double lamp-grip screw shell and spring loaded center contact.
– Compound parabolic, double segment, finished aluminum reflector for optimum efficiency.

Powerful, efficient weatherproof lighting for medium and large areas such as:
– Shopping malls
– Parking lots
– Sports areas
– New-car lot lighting
– Security lighting
– Industrial process lighting
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